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The SiriusDecisions Value-stream Mapping: Buyer-focused Sales Process Project


This project works with Sales leadership and the sales team to develop or revise the sales process, integrating it with the needs of your buyers in their decision-making journey. The outcome will be a deeper understanding of your buyers’ needs and a sales process that enables sales reps to sell more effectively by better aligning with buyers.


Many B2B sales organizations have defined stages of their sales process in their Sales Force Automation tool, but still face challenges with deals that get stuck or move backwards, low conversion and win rates, unreliable forecasts and revenue shortfalls. In many cases, sales organizations have not integrated the sales process with the decision-making journey that the buyer is going through. This leaves reps to determine where an opportunity is in the sales cycle, its likelihood of closing and next steps based primarily on sales activities rather than the buyer’s readiness to buy. This lack of integration of the buyer’s needs in the sales process leads to many challenges in managing opportunities and improving forecast accuracy.


SiriusDecisions Value-stream approach to the buyer-focused sales process is a consulting engagement, which starts with our research into the stages that typical buyers go through in their decision-making process. Key outcomes of this project include:

  • Deep understanding of the stages a buyer goes through
  • Diagnostics via Observable Outcomes — buyer-driven evidence that shows what stage your buyer is in
  • Clarity on the buyer’s needs and Knowledge Inflection Points — information and needs that must be satisfied to move forward in the decision making process
  • Mapping of key sales activities to meet the buyer’s needs and Knowledge Inflection Points
  • Identification of key sales assets that help sales reps meet the buyer’s needs and Knowledge Inflection Points

By interviewing your sales team and your buyers we will validate the buyers’ stages, develop the Knowledge Inflection Points at each and identify the Observable Outcomes. Only when this has been done do we begin to consider the Sales perspective, which we do via a Workshop with selected reps and managers. At this Workshop we identify the key assets that the rep and the buyers need at each stage, along with the key sales (and marketing) activities essential for each stage. Next, we determine the sales stage names and the average duration that an opportunity resides in each stage. Finally, once the integration of the buyer’s journey and the sales process is complete, we work with leadership from sales, sales operations and sales enablement to develop an implementation plan.

Who Should Participate?

Sales leaders and managers, sales reps, and selected buyers should participate in interviews. Sales reps, sales managers, and marketing representatives should attend the Workshop. Sales leaders, sales operations and sales enablement leaders should participate in follow on implementation planning.

Sample Documents Needed

In support of this engagement, SiriusDecisions will work with the Executive Sponsor or Project lead to collect and review relevant documents such as:

  • Sales process documentation
  • Identification of customer segments and buyers
  • Performance against sales metrics
  • Sales forecast data
  • Job descriptions for different sales roles
  • Sample sales collateral

Sample Project Deliverables

Key deliverables from this project will include:

  • Identification of key gaps and inefficiencies in the current sales process
  • Value-stream map (see example above), including
    • Buying stages
    • Buyer’s Knowledge Inflection Points
    • Observable Outcomes
    • Sales activities and sales assets that satisfy the buyer’s Knowledge
    • Inflection Points at each stage of the process
  • Sales Manager Coaching guide for each sales stage
  • Implementation plan recommendations, covering changes to
    • Sales process training for reps and managers
    • Sales process support and measurement in Sales Force Automation tool
    • Interlock with Marketing and Product Marketing for sales asset inventory and development

SiriusDecisions Consulting Process and Data-driven Methodology

Projects begin with a kickoff that includes clear outline of the detailed approach, schedule of status updates, next steps and deliverables. The SiriusDecisions Consulting process outlined below guides clients through a set of coordinated steps and milestones to a successful outcome. One of the most important steps is the “review and revise” phase, which allows initial feedback to be incorporated into the development of a final set of prioritized recommendations and deliverables. All process steps and milestones are designed to work in concert to apply operational intelligence, SiriusDecisions frameworks, models and best practices to create actionable plans and results.

SiriusDecisions Consulting leverages a unique methodology for collecting insights about the current state of an organization and then comparing these findings to similar organizations.

The SiriusIndex™ is used to compare best practices achieved by a peer group (organization size, industry, go to market approach, etc.), relative to the current CMO results as well as best in class organizations. These comparisons provide context and inform recommendations in both an interim review and final report. Final reports are typically presented in an onsite working session followed by a final PowerPoint report and relevant SiriusDecisions research.

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SiriusDecisions provides research-informed consulting services that operationalize our market-leading models, frameworks, best practices, benchmark data and research to address business problems or opportunities and drive profitable growth. With SiriusDecisions Consulting, you will broaden understanding, adoption, application, utilization and impact of SiriusDecisions methodologies within and across teams and go-to-market ecosystems.

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