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Research-Enabled Certification

The B2B landscape continues to change dramatically, creating skills gaps in the competencies that marketing, sales and product professionals need to drive growth in their organizations and succeed in their roles.

SiriusDecisions research-enabled certification provides easy and effective solutions for teams and their individual members to develop the competencies they need to excel.


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Learners gain and retain knowledge best when they are in control of their learning environment and can use what they learned, immediately. That is why the SiriusDecisions research-enabled certification program has helped marketing teams across the globe align on key concepts and showcase their expertise:

B2B Marketing Certification Program

Build a foundation of B2B marketing best practices by joining a guided program that is fueled by research-backed content, social engagement and thoughtful feedback.
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Transform and Certify Your team

It's critical that employees feel valued and that they have the tools and development opportunities to support their professional growth. Our research shows that skills training brings on average:

5X revenue contribution for organizations with a best-in-class demand marketing function vs. organizations with an average demand marketing function.

20% higher productivity for organizations with engaged and enabled employees vs. organizations with average employee engagement.

35% higher conversion rates for demand marketing functions using best practices vs. average demand marketing functions.

500% increase in closed deals for organizations with a strong process and technology per program ratio vs. organizations with no formal process or technology.


Backed by SiriusDecisions Research

SiriusDecisions certification solutions are the only research-informed training offerings made by B2B experts for B2B professionals, built on years of industry research, case studies and state-of-the-art design specific to how adults learn best. The content that makes up these courses is based on research that has been evaluated through a rigorous methodology that was built on fact-based insights from the field and comprehensive, collaborative analysis from our team of esteemed analysts.

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