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Accelerating Your Revenue Engine Through Alignment

How do you optimize performance end-to-end across a B2B revenue engine ecosystem?

Organizations must survive, thrive and continuously reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the competition within rapidly changing markets. Intelligent growth is the fundamental tenet of SiriusDecisions’ research strategy and the advice we provide our clients. SiriusDecisions helps B2B leaders drive functional alignment and operational effectiveness within the organization’s revenue engine – primarily the marketing, sales and product functions – to maximize growth and profitability.

SiriusDecisions provides clients with proven diagnostic capabilities and tools to assess where there are gaps in their organization’s demand creation and opportunity management processes. We provide expert advice and unique best practices to identify where there are opportunities for improving demand creation, pipeline velocity or conversion rates.

What Our Clients Say

“Not only were we ramping up the volume at the top of the funnel, but our lead conversions were improving because we had better sales and marketing alignment.”

Drew Chapin, Vice President of Marketing, Hyland, creator of OnBase

Hyland, creator of OnBase, implemented the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall®, which resulted in a 61 percent annual growth rate in booked deals from MQLs.

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Faster-growing organizations use a more effective demand process, resulting in 18 percent fewer touches to move leads from marketing to telesales and 8 percent fewer touches to move leads from tele to sales.<br /><br />&ndash;The SiriusDecisions Command Center®

Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

ABM Strategy, Goals and Alignment

Bringing Offerings to Market

Revenue Engine Optimization

Sales Execution

Sales Reporting, Analysis and Intelligence

Key Issues

Issue One

Is your sales team engaged and committed to defining what good demand looks like? Is there accountability in place for delivering what was defined?

Issue Two

Do you have the ability to pinpoint breakdowns in the demand management process? Do you know where opportunities are dropping or stalling so you can take corrective action?

Issue Three

Do you have a mutually agreed-upon definition of your target audience and buying groups?

Issue Four

Can you identify the most successful lead sources from closed deals and accurately attribute where good leads are coming from?

Desired Outcomes

Obtain a good sense of what we should expect from all our demand sources across direct sales, marketing, and channel partners

Enhanced trust between marketing and sales where everyone knows what's expected of them and agrees on what a good lead looks like

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, metrics and handoffs from inquiry to close

Accelerating Your Revenue Engine Through Alignment

We Can Help

SiriusDecisions helps clients solve their business challenges through a retainer-based subscription to B2B research with access to benchmark data and experienced practitioners. In the context of this transformation, we suggest supplementing your subscription with onsite strategy sessions and workshops. We start with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness, then provide integrated consulting and workshops that accelerate adoption and transfer knowledge throughout your organization.