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ABM Strategy, Goals and Alignment

SiriusDecisions helps account-based marketers perfect their craft, understand its interplay within the sales/marketing dynamic, build client trust and confidence in ABM, and fill or accelerate the sales pipeline with better accounts and opportunities. We call upon our extensive experience base, cross-organizational resources and expansive client base to give you unparalleled support.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help clients connect the dots between sales structure and ABM strategy
  • We help clients articulate their aligned marketing and sales goals and how to achieve them
  • We build client trust and confidence in ABM
  • We offer credibility for sell-in, adoption or restarts of an ABM strategy
  • We have extensive experience with ABM and can tailor a unique approach

Key Issues

How do you ensure effective understanding, alignment, interaction and trust throughout the organization, especially between marketing and sales?

Where and how does ABM fit into the overall demand creation picture?

How do you ensure that ABM is worthwhile and being done the right way?

How do you ensure that ABM is strategic?

How do you continue ABM momentum (or restart after prior failed efforts)?

How do you know what success will look like? What are others doing?

Success Stories


"We were able to establish a partnership between our ABM marketers and strategic account executives, which elevated the quality of service delivered to high-value accounts."

Jeff Winter, VP Field Marketing

Read client story here

"While we knew that it was critical to transform our marketing function into a modern marketing engine, SiriusDecisions told us which levers we needed to pull and in which order then provided us with the frameworks, tools and advice needed to do the work."

Lisa Cole, Corporate VP, Marketing

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We have been there and know your challenges. We offer real-world ABM solutions, distilled from our expertise, collaborative spirit and team-first culture. We keep your priorities primary and screen thoroughly across our company to provide the best guidance possible, unlimited access to feedback, and the opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded members. We live and breathe ABM and have a laser focus on delivering the support you need backed by a portfolio of results – a combination that is unmatched.


Results You Can Expect

Better, more efficient ways to drive revenue

Tighter alignment between ABM/marketing and sales

Better perception of marketing from sales leaders

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