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Brand and Communications Functional Design

SiriusDecisions helps communications leaders deliver better results by streamlining organizational structure, building greater process rigor and defining the role of communications in relation to other departments. With our combination of research, models and experience, we are able to help our clients put in place best practices to ensure alignment to goals and measurable business impact.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help the communications leader build organizational structure and processes to ensure alignment, collaboration and focus on business priorities
  • We help communications take a stronger role in annual planning and budgeting decisions
  • We provide validation for the strategic role of communications in an integrated communications/marketing/sales process

Key Issues

Communications sometimes lacks alignment with marketing, sales and product planning

Communications may not be a part of the planning process directly - instead getting marching orders second-hand

Communications is a complex function with up to 20 sub-functions, often operating in silos

Many communications functions suffer from lack of documented processes, clear roles and outdated tools

Communications often lacks a culture of measurement and therefore suffers from internal perception problems

Multichannel communications have increased complexity and requirements on communications leaders

Success Stories

"With the increased focus on content quality in the overall marketing effort, my team is more important than ever, and I wanted to plug them more directly into the business."

Mickey Mencin, Director of Corporate Marketing, Brand and Communications
Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Our experienced practitioners have managed complex functions and know how to optimize for efficiency and effectiveness. Our integrated communications model provides a basis for structure, process, skill development and alignment needed to create business impact.


Results You Can Expect

Elevate the strategic position of communications internally, helping to make the case for greater resources and investment

Advice on managing multiple initiatives and building collaboration between multiple sub-functions and the rest of the organization

Guidance on how to analyze processes and find root cause of variability and low performance

Increased satisfaction of internal stakeholders and more measurable results

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