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Brand Experience

SiriusDecisions provides brand leaders with prescriptive advice, best practice learnings, tools and decision support to confidently manage the entire brand lifecycle. We help clients make the right brand decisions, maximizing brand value, positive brand experience, global consistency and measurable impact on the business.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help companies build influencer strategies that surround the target audience with the most effective influencers, helping to drive their decision process forward
  • We help clients identify influencers and communications tactics that provide measurable business impact
  • We provide clients with tools for managing the influencer identification, prioritization and engagement process
  • We provide tools and advice for selecting agencies to support PR, AR and social media implementation
  • We help communications leaders build clear dashboards that show results and tell a story of value
  • We help communications leaders build stronger internal alignment with key initiatives such as marketing campaigns, product launches and sales initiatives

Key Issues

How do you maintain ongoing stewardship of the brand across a multitude of platforms?

How do you gauge the right level of brand investment?

How do you make your case for getting the resources and investment you need?

How do you truly measure brand impact?

How can you bring the brand to life through the customer experience?

When is the right time for a brand refresh?

How do you choose the right agency?

Success Stories


"Our brand became a catalyst for our corporate transformation, and we built brand recognition to propel growth."

Isabelle Joulot, VP Communications

Read client story here

"It’s critical to analyze the dynamics of every acquisition and not take a cookie-cutter approach. Understand how your brand is perceived by customers of the acquired brand before taking action."

Marty Dauer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Our research is 100 percent focused on b-to-b branding and is developed based on research and experience with b-to-b companies of all sizes and in dozens of industries. Our clients take an aligned approach to brand measurement that allows them to link brand activities to impact on business goals. Unlike agencies that may be motivated to increase their scope of work, SiriusDecisions is an objective third-party with a sole focus on helping clients increase their success.


Results You Can Expect

Swifter development process and rollout on a global scale

Data-driven decisions to boost effectiveness

Consistent brand implementation by employees, leading to a better customer experience

Confidence in managing brand decisions with agencies and internal stakeholders

Ability to reduce agency development costs by assuming more of the strategy and process

Validation of our clients’ expertise, which helps drive a faster, more streamlined approval process

Ability to measure brand health and recommend the right actions

Linking brand investment to brand impact, which helps make the case for resource and investment

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