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Corporate Communications

SiriusDecisions helps communications leaders implement the most effective reputation management programs by leveraging the right set of influencers and tactics to drive higher awareness, credibility, audience engagement and marketing outcomes. Armed with benchmark data, tools and research, our clients are able to advocate more forcefully for resources and investment, based on an ability to show impact on business results.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help companies build influencer strategies that surround the target audience with the most effective influencers, helping to drive their decision process forward
  • We help clients identify influencers and communications tactics that provide measurable business impact
  • We provide clients with tools for managing the influencer identification, prioritization and engagement process
  • We provide tools and advice for selecting agencies to support PR, AR and social media implementation
  • We help communications leaders build clear dashboards that show results and tell a story of value
  • We help communications leaders build stronger internal alignment with key initiatives such as marketing campaigns, product launches and sales initiatives

Key Issues

Are you using the latest and most effective strategies to build a positive corporate reputation?

Are you engaging the right influencers, whether established (analysts) or newer set (social media)?

Do you have a well-defined and effective strategy for engaging influencers across multiple channels?

Are you able to show measurable results and business impact that help justify investment in your communications programs?

Do you have a clearly articulated thought leadership message and a flow of content to engage buyers and influencers?

Does your current dashboard focus only on activities rather than showing results and impact?

Are influencer tactics effectively integrated into marketing campaigns?

Success Stories


"Creation of a strong, audience-centric theme helped us to connect with buyers and drove strong social media responses leading into our launch event."

Former Director, Demand Generation

Read client story here

"We’ve diversified our influencer program to engage many more influencer types, and this has become a force multiplier for our brand and reputation."

Former Vice President Corporate Marketing

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Our corporate communications research is focused entirely on the unique challenges of managing reputation in a b-to-b context. With our innovative approaches, benchmark data and practical advice we help clients to achieve more success externally and gain respect internally, allowing them to have a stronger voice and justification for budget and resources.


Results You Can Expect

A more effective and targeted influencer program that drives higher quality coverage in the right places

A strategic approach to influencer selection rather than relying on the same group of influencers over and over again

Better internal credibility and more support from peers in other functions

A seat at the planning table and justification for more resources and budget

Aligning influencers with business priorities to deliver impact

Greater brand awareness and credibility among targets

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