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Employee and Executive Communications

SiriusDecisions provides communications leaders with a structured framework and guidance to attract, inform and engage employees while driving higher levels of social advocacy. We help clients understand how to get the most value out of executive communications, internally and externally, by aligning with corporate goals and messaging.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We shows clients how to apply a modern marketing approach to employee communications
  • We provide practical advice on how to address every phase of the employee lifecycle with our Employee Marketing Lifecycle Framework
  • We help companies define corporate messaging that supports employment branding
  • We help clients align executives with messaging and thought leadership
  • We provide models for measurement that align to all phases of the employee lifecycle

Key Issues

How should we think about modernizing our approach to internal communications?

How can we drive higher levels of engagement and performance across workforce?

How can we attract the top talent we need to fuel innovation and growth?

How can we help employees to access information and become more productive?

How can we recognize top employees and drive advocacy?

How can we gain greater visibility for our executives and top SMEs?

How can we ensure that executives are good communicators?

Success Stories


"We’re now able to provide a constant stream of relevant content to all employees, and that’s helping to drive higher satisfaction and engagement."

Carolina Mata-Tovar,VP, Employee and Internal Communications

Read client story here

An empowered corporate communications team drives higher levels of engagement through a focus on values and purposeful storytelling.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions clients apply modern marketing principles to all phases of the employee lifecycle. They see measurable improvements in their ability to attract the best talent, drive productivity and engagement and encourage social advocacy. They maximize the impact of executive communications by aligning executives with corporate messaging and thought leadership.


Results You Can Expect

Employees feel more informed and have greater understanding of company strategy, direction

Access to information streamlined leading to greater productivity

Greater visibility for executives externally

Higher levels of employee advocacy

Clarity of employment brand messaging supports recruitment efforts

Better measurement of results across employee lifecycle and executive comms

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