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Calibrating Measurement to Create a Holistic View into Company Performance

How can I build a data-driven organization to effectively measure each function and the entire organization?

Within B2B organizations, effective measurement allows leaders to track how value creation efforts are progressing, identify areas that are not developing as planned, and adjust resulting actions. Measurement can be used to examine many aspects of business performance, from the most highly summarized to the most granular. SiriusDecisions helps B2B leaders select key metrics and organize performance reporting across sales, marketing and product functions.

Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

Marketing Value

Measurement Techniques and Analytics

Product Innovation and Lifecycle Process

Sales Productivity

Sales Reporting, Analysis and Intelligence

Key Issues

Issue One

Do you want to improve how and what you measure to understand company performance beyond standard revenue KPIs?

Issue Two

Are you standing up or augmenting an operations function in your organization or need to determine the optimal functional design across business ops, marketing ops and sales ops?

Issue Three

Are you normalizing different lead sources and selecting metrics across marketing and sales that demonstrate contribution to pipeline or impact to the bottom-line revenue?

Issue Four

Are you struggling to define the data strategy and data management capability in the organization?

Desired Outcomes

Move from a functional-focused lens to a company-wide lens when measuring the performance of your business

Gain visibility into the necessary metrics to determine whether your revenue engine is performing

Achieve a visible change from the defined baseline metrics to prove the company is working smarter not just harder

Calibrating Measurement to Create a Holistic View into Company Performance

We Can Help

SiriusDecisions helps clients solve their business challenges through a retainer-based subscription to B2B research with access to benchmark data and experienced practitioners. In the context of this transformation, we suggest supplementing your subscription with onsite strategy sessions and workshops. We start with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness, then provide integrated consulting and workshops that accelerate adoption and transfer knowledge throughout your organization.