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Partner Enablement

SiriusDecisions helps channel marketing leaders create partner enablement and engagement programs that drive engagement with the right partners, leverage best practices and develop the best metrics for assessing these programs.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help clients build a holistic partner enablement roadmap across a variety of partner types to increase partner productivity and adoption of new offerings
  • We advise on how to drive consistency in partner competency, skills and process adoption
  • We help clients create and implement a partner enablement plan that is attuned to specific partner personas
  • We help create a detailed training program for partners across the partner enablement lifecycle
  • We advise on the most effective metrics for gauging partner enablement and for communicating positive results internally
  • We advise on best-practice delivery of enablement programs to meet the needs of high- and low-touch partners leveraging tools and technology where applicable

Key Issues

Do your partner enablement efforts provide sufficient value to increase partner mindshare and improve execution efforts and participation?

How successful are you at increasing partners’ capabilities to market, sell and support your offerings?

As partner enablement evolves, are you able to keep up?

Do you have a holistic perspective of enablement?

Do you have a comprehensive enablement strategy across the partner’s journey?

Success Stories

"Leveraging the SiriusDecisions Partner Onboarding Framework, we were able to quickly establish processes that accelerated our partner time to revenue."

Channel Leader at Kaspersky Lab
Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We view partner enablement as a core go-to-market activity that requires cross-functional coordination and creates a competitive advantage for suppliers. SiriusDecisions helps channel organizations increase partner productivity by identifying the elements that drive effectiveness and efficiency in their partner relationships and those partners’ interactions with buyers and customers.


Results You Can Expect

A higher level of partner engagement and increased partner mindshare

A sharper focus on engaging specific partner types

Partners that are well-informed about your offering and inclined to endorse your solutions when buyers seek recommendations

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