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Partner Engagement

In the b-to-b channel, suppliers often treat partner engagement as a one-time event, be it a response to a program offer or the achievement of an initial revenue milestone. Best-in-class suppliers, however, view engagement from a long-term perspective, focusing on how consistently each partner is engaged over time. With multiple suppliers vying for partner attention, those with no plan to drive continuous engagement risk losing crucial partner mindshare, which is essential to long-term success.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help develop strategies across the five key pillars of successful partner engagement: incentives, communication, training, processes and relationships
  • We provide a prescriptive approach to engaging with different partner types and personas
  • We help measure the impact of partner enablement and engagement effectiveness
  • We provide guidance on building programs that drive partner engagement

Key Issues

Do you know how to engage different partner types and partner personas across the partner lifecycle?

Have you created profiles that describe the different partner types you seek?

Have you developed partner persona profiles for the dominant roles within your partner types?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

An investment in channel enablement brings significant long-term value — partners that are engaged, loyal and productive. SiriusDecisions helps channel organizations increase partner productivity by identifying the elements that drive engagement in their channel relationships and those partners’ interactions with buyers and customers.


Results You Can Expect

A higher level of partner engagement and increased partner mindshare

A sharper focus on engaging specific partner types

Partners that are well-informed about your offering and inclined to endorse your solutions when buyers seek recommendations

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