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Marketing Strategy and Investment

SiriusDecisions helps marketing leaders develop a long-term vision for marketing by providing a strategic framework and approach to interlock marketing strategy with a company's overall business strategy to clearly define long-range priorities, and prioritize investments. We help CMOs shine through a fundamental understanding of the challenges they face, having been there ourselves, and our ability to pair in-depth relevant data with the models and frameworks we've developed to deliver results that truly set SiriusDecisions apart from our competitors.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide highly personalized advisory support services to guide CMOs through the development and execution of their marketing strategy
  • We define the essential elements of a best-in-class marketing strategy
  • We review CMOs’ marketing strategy and provide feedback and supporting data to strengthen their strategy
  • We provide investment decision support and validation
  • We give CMOs insights and models to facilitate cross-functional alignment, optimize performance and drive growth
  • We connect CMOs to a community of peers who have the same opportunities and challenges
  • As experienced marketing practitioners, we understand CMOs’ challenges firsthand

Key Issues

What is the CMO’s role in strategic planning

How do you develop a marketing strategy that supports the corporate growth strategy?

How do you make and defend investment decisions?

How do you effectively communicate the marketing strategy?

Success Stories


"[We've done] benchmarking, not just comparing companies that are in our situation right now but companies that have done what we intend to do... and that's been so insightful and significant for us."

Former Chief Marketing Officer

Read client story here

By confirming its current growth strategy pillars, assessing its readiness to execute, and strategically applying SiriusDecisions’ frameworks and templates, Alfresco created a foundation for ensuring sustained alignment beyond the planning process – all the way through execution.

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The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Through their experience as marketing practitioners and their work with CMOs, our analysts understand the challenges marketing leaders are facing and have applied that hands-on knowledge to the development of the models and frameworks that set us apart. SiriusDecisions has in-depth performance and operational data as well as peer-to-peer CMO-specific data derived from our extensive work in this arena. As the only true b-to-b advisory service for marketing leaders, we ensure our data, benchmarks and research are aligned to our clients’ marketing strategy and investment goals.


Results You Can Expect

Transformation of marketing leaders into inspired business leaders

Increased credibility with other business leaders and the C-suite through CMOs’ ability to defend their strategy with data and decision support

Appropriate cross-functional dialogues

Actionable marketing strategies

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