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SiriusDecisions helps companies implement the right resources, processes and technology to support a high-performing content factory that meets the modern demands of a b-to-marketing organization. By providing templates, workflows and technology guidance, we help centralized content teams accelerate their efforts to scale and improve asset type diversity and volume, content quality, overall production capabilities, and internal stakeholder satisfaction.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We build processes and best practices that help our clients create a dynamic content engine that is flexible enough to respond to changing needs
  • We help companies implement calendars, templates and workflows that improve interlock, project, prioritization, process efficiency and time to market for content
  • We help companies understand how to track and measure the productivity and efficiency of their content production teams
  • We teach clients best practices for modular content development and agile content creation
  • We advise clients on technology investment and integration decisions to support content creation workflow and measurement needs

Key Issues

Does your organization have a content production engine, content factory, or in-house agency that centrally manages content creation?

Do you need help balancing insourcing/outsourcing between your in-house content services team and external agencies?

Do you need help driving greater reporting, efficiency and scalability within your content production team?

Are you investing time and resources on the right priorities?

Do you need help improving cross-functional interlock and transparency across the organization through shared calendars and editorial standards?

Success Stories

"Our most important assets were getting the least attention. Now, our editorial process prioritizes content based on risk/impact, and we are aligning resources to the business priorities."

Former Content Strategy and Operations Executive

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We help clients benchmark content spend and efficiency and adopt b-to-b best practices and frameworks that help them optimize content production quality, processes, workflows and reporting.


Results You Can Expect

Clients will get the support they need to build high-performing content engines that can efficiently produce quality content that meets the needs of internal stakeholders and external audiences

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