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Content Management and Technology

SiriusDecisions helps clients implement and optimize the operational processes, resources and technologies required to manage and measure a best-in-class b-to-b content ecosystem. Through a set of prescriptive recommendations and research, we help companies transform outdated or dysfunctional content processes and content technology stacks into competitive growth drivers.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We use our best-in-class SiriusDecisions Content Model to teach clients how to achieve a highly effective b-to-b content lifecycle and ecosystem
  • We use benchmarking to determine content lifecycle process and ownership gaps and provide the tools, frameworks and support organizations need to address them
  • We help organizations break down operational silos and develop an integrated approach to content lifecycle management
  • We share best practices from b-to-b peers who are ahead of the curve with their content operations
  • We provide clients with content measurement models to support content dashboard development and meaningful reporting
  • We work with clients to build customized content transformation roadmaps for modernizing their content ecosystems leveraging our SiriusDecisions Content Transformation Framework

Key Issues

Do you have the right processes, systems and technology in place to support sales and marketing content needs effectively?

Do you have clarity on cross-functional roles and responsibilities across the end-to-end content lifecycle?

Have you implemented an ongoing content audit process that reduces waste, supports content strategy and planning, and boosts utilization?

Do you have a universal taxonomy and tagging process that supports findability and re-use of content assets?

Are you able to track and measure content utilization by key attributes like internal function, personas/journey stages, verticals, offerings and languages?

Do you need help prioritizing content localization expenditures and optimizing translation processes?

Success Stories


"By pushing content directly into the sales environment, we significantly improved the sales team’s ability to discover assets and leverage all available resources."

Cameron Caswell, Senior Manager, Brand and Content

Read client story here

"Content operations is a critical function for any b-to-b organization that hopes to enable sales and support, increase alignment with marketing, and succeed in regulated environments."

Kathleen Pierce, Director, Content Operations

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions has the best b-to-b content models, frameworks and tools on the market to help b-to-b organizations address content management complexity and achieve operational excellence within their content ecosystems. Through case studies and custom recommendations, we also guide clients step-by-step through change management to help them address their content challenges.


Results You Can Expect

Benchmarks with a better gauge on content effectiveness, use and value to both sales and marketing, and sales and external audiences

Increased efficiency, oversight and governance of content teams, processes and technology

A rationalized content technology stack that effectively supports content planning, production, promotion, management and measurement

Completed content audit and inventory mapped to key attributes like persona, journey stage, offering, geo, etc.

Consolidated and centralized content repositories with universal taxonomies that improve findability and utilization

Cost savings through improved content processes and quality

Content measurement dashboards that track process and performance KPIs, and report on the business impact of content investments

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