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Strategic Content Planning

SiriusDecisions works closely with clients to customize a content strategy using a proven model, best practice framework and relevant customer examples. Using our research, clients achieve better cross-functional alignment on content goals and objectives, develop impactful content strategies, and ultimately improve content quality and performance.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We teach clients a scalable, repeatable methodology for building an audience-centric content strategy
  • We help clients prioritize audiences and understand the content that they need
  • We work hand in hand with clients to help them craft customized content plans
  • We show how successful clients have activated content strategies to improve marketing and business results

Key Issues

Do you have an agreed-upon, repeatable approach for building content plans?

Do your internal stakeholders understand what a content strategy is?

Do you have cross-functional agreement on who your audiences are and the content that they need?

Do you know how to map content planning to audiences and buyer journey stages?

How do you build multiple strategic business objectives, offerings and audiences into an integrated content strategy?

Does your team have adequate skills and knowledge of content strategy best practices?

Success Stories

"By establishing a content strategy cross-functional process, we’ve focused our investments on delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time."

Annalisa Camarillo, Head of Global Content Strategy, Development and Operations
Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We help distill the complexity of building a content strategy by providing a structured approach to content planning that sets measurable objectives. Our focus ensures the content plan reflects the needs of multiple audiences and stakeholders, and that cross-functional content distribution needs are met.


Results You Can Expect

Better content performance for awareness, demand generation and sales enablement

Increased quality and relevance of content for internal and external audiences

Improved cross-functional alignment and agreement about content objectives

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