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Customer Advocacy and References

SiriusDecisions helps customer engagement leaders create engaged advocates and a robust advocacy ecosystem that can provide a broad base of support a and deliver meaningful results beyond business outcomes. Companies with a vibrant advocacy network can realize returns across multiple business functions – including demand creation, sales, communications, marketing and product.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide tailored advice to elevate the reference program to advocacy
  • We help them discover the business rationale and payback opportunities
  • We connect the dots between advocacy and demand creation and align the functions
  • We help you make customer advocacy a more holistic engagement

Key Issues

Do you feel an imbalance between the technology purchased and the people and business processes to support it?

Are you challenged by measuring the impact of customer advocacy on business outcomes?

How do you address the disconnect between what sales wants and what’s best for customer advocacy?

Are you delivering breakthrough assets to win notice, get credit for business outcomes?

Do you have the latitude and bandwidth to move beyond case studies to tell a more compelling customer story?

Success Stories


"In many ways, sales felt they were on their own when it came to getting access to customer references, and overall, the reference program was not operating at its full potential."

Lee Rubin, Director, Global Reference Programs and Customer Engagement

Read client story here

"SiriusDecisions helped provide us with the expert advice and best-in-class frameworks to guide our customer marketing function for a cohesive post-sale customer journey."

Former Director, Customer Marketing

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We have an unrivaled reputation for understanding the impact of advocacy on business outcomes. We are objective in our solutions and deeply committed to delivering results at each stage of the customer lifecycle.


Results You Can Expect

Create a better, more effective advocacy ecosystem

Greater customer satisfaction

Recognition of the power of advocacy

Streamlined, efficient reference process

More productive and efficient sales

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