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Customer Insights and Analytics

SiriusDecisions helps customer engagement leaders identify the ideal set of insights and analytics to better understand their customers and formulate a comprehensive plan to use this information. We are always objective in our approach, modeling best practices tightly aligned with the intricacies of our clients’ business, not a predetermined formula.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We know the best practices to create right constructs
  • We model our work with clients to create actionable feedback
  • We gauge delivery mechanisms and assess the pluses and minuses of various metrics
  • We provide a pathway for change by showing you how to convert insights into actions
  • We communicate clearly and regularly to customers, offering a full range of feedback

Key Issues

How do you parse through information in surveys to get reliable insights and analytics that you can use?

What are the right questions, and what are you measuring?

How do you zero in on the right information, and what do you do with it?

Who are customer champions, and how do you gauge their role?

How do you collect and then act on insights and analytics in a closed-loop fashion?

Success Stories

"The real value has been our ability to use customer journey maps to educate and bring the customer experience to life with our people and teams."

Carolyn Galvin, Customer Insights Principal Analyst
Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We are unbiased advisors, not focused on pushing a particular scoring method, but rather, showing clients what’s out there. Unlike other organizations, we have no skin in the game. We offer reasonable recommendations that take into account any constraints with your current situation.


Results You Can Expect

Gains in retention, loyalty and lifetime value from customers

Greater receptivity by customers to share feedback

More profitable customers

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