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Customer Lifecycle and Retention

SiriusDecisions helps customer engagement leaders understand the linkage between knowing their customers and helping them manage their business challenges. We know the customer experience and can empower our clients to own customer engagement by perfecting their capabilities.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help them sift through the clutter, get their bearings and chart the best path
  • We provide a continuous, integrated solution
  • Our lifecycle design tool provides new perspective and business clarity
  • We give them the tools to create alignment across the organization

Key Issues

Are you tasked with being the customer expert, even if you don’t always have the tools to do so?

Are you facing a business change or retention challenge that is impacting performance?

Are client or service issues setting off alarms and forcing you to act quickly?

Are you finding it difficult to wade through all your options and begin acting?

How confident are you in understanding customers to help turn the corner on retention losses?

Success Stories

Anaplan established a successful customer journey mapping program during a period of hyper-growth, which renewed an organization-wide commitment to customer-centricity.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We know B2B and can offer industry-leading insights on the customer experience. We’re eager to help our clients own customer engagement by perfecting their competencies. We pursue a long-term advisory relationship to train and empower our clients to become confident, proven practitioners over time.


Results You Can Expect

Boosted customer retention and loyalty

Helping customers derive value from their purchases

Improved product utilization and adoption

Streamlined delivery costs and more timely feedback

Better alignment creates smoother engagement with other customer functions

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