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Demand and ABM Strategy and Modeling

SiriusDecisions helps demand and account-based marketing leaders with tools and templates that simulate demand creation strategies to provide a more accurate expectation of results. We also provide feedback on plans, supporting benchmark data, and help with accounting for regional requirements and resource variations.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We have tools and templates to simulate demand and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies to match the needs of sales and provide an accurate expectation of your results
  • We provide templates to design a fiscal-year demand and ABM plan
  • We have assessment tools to help determine which demand and ABM approaches are best aligned to a go-to-market strategy
  • We show clients the best revenue sources and how to align resources against them
  • We review and provide feedback on demand leaders’ plans
  • We help develop global plans that take into account regional regional requirements and resource variations
  • We provide benchmark data to support planning efforts (e.g. conversion rates, average deal size)
  • We help you determine if you are aiming for the right level of demand contribution

Key Issues

Do you have the right strategy for demand generation and ABM, given your sales teams' go-to-market objectives and needs?

Do you know how to properly resource various demand approaches with the right people, technology and budget?

Do you have the right allocation of resources to support your demand and ABM strategy?

Do you have enough resources to follow up on the demand that your efforts will bring in?

How do you articulate your fiscal year plan to key stakeholders in the company?

Have you built a demand map, potentially by region or market, with clearly prioritized accounts and buying groups that sales is on board with?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

With years of practitioner experience, proven templates and methodologies, we help marketing leaders build out the optimal demand and ABM strategies for their organization and develop the right allocation of resources, globally and regionally, to support that plan.


Results You Can Expect

A clearly articulated demand strategy and plan, built according to your current go-to-market objectives and needs

A properly resourced team to support your demand marketing approaches

Aggressive yet achievable goals for your team

Alignment between sales and marketing leadership on targets, plans, measurement and expectations, across all of the markets that marketing supports

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