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Demand Program Design and Execution

SiriusDecisions helps demand marketing leaders ensure that they’re on the right path, provides guidance and analysis based on our own best-practice experiences, and works in close coordination with you to make your demand programs the best they can be.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help program owners determine the right requirements for program success, and then design the right mix of inbound and outbound tactics to achieve their revenue and compliance objectives
  • We provide templates for program documentation and socialization with key stakeholders
  • We provide benchmark data to diagnose and optimize program performance
  • We review program plans and assets to identify opportunities for testing and improvements
  • We pinpoint the best delivery mechanisms to fit your customized program scenario and target market 

Key Issues

Do you worry whether you have the right demand program mix for each target market?

Are you concerned about your programs’ compliance with local data privacy regulations?

Are you trying to enhance or improve your demand program planning and execution?

Do you have poorly defined metrics and struggle with communicating the return on demand program investment internally?

How do you ensure demand creation programs evolve and adapt vs. simply happen?

Are you using the right program delivery mechanisms (e.g. Web site, mobile) for each target market?

Success Stories

2018 Summit Europe POY Winner Cisco Systems

"The digital channel cannot be just a support channel. It has to be an engagement channel."

Joseph Puthussery,Vice President of Marketing

Read client story here

Seeking a better approach to demand creation program planning, SAP Concur implemented the SiriusDecisions Program Pendulum Framework and the Demand Creation Program Implementation Process, which helped them achieve 44% year-pver-year MQL growth among many other favorable results.

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The SiriusDecisions Advantage

With years of practitioner experience, proven templates and methodologies, we help marketing leaders design, optimize and measure programs that will accelerate demand, globally and regionally.


Results You Can Expect

The achievement of your demand creation targets with better demand program performance, globally and regionally

Confidence in your program tactic decisions, backed by data

Time saved with proven tools and templates

Pinpointed delivery mechanisms that will best fit your customized program scenario

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