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Real-Time Buyer Enablement

Although decision-making is a linear process, human beings are capable of processing multiple variables simultaneously and consuming information in bursts that may inform one or all of the phases. Buyers do not need to go through every phase of the buying cycle in order to make a decision to buy. SiriusDecisions helps demand marketing leaders to reach and engage new buyers in the right way, at the right time across the entire buying decision process.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help marketers reach and engage new buyers in the right way, at the right time across the entire buying decision process
  • We stay ahead of trends and new developments in demand marketing technologies and tactics
  • We help marketers be more proactive in gaining support from internal stakeholders rather than reactively responding to this group
  • We help marketers cultivate a reputation of inspiration and leadership among their team and the organization
  • We review program plans and assets to identify opportunities for testing and improvements
  • We help marketers identify the most appropriate markets and approaches to use when piloting new techniques

Key Issues

Are you aware of the newest innovations in the B2B space that will help you reach and engage new buyers?

Do you know how your peers are engaging with buyers, and where they have found success?

Do you know how your competitors are engaging with buyers?

Do you know what innovative tactics will help you enable your target audience throughout their buying process?

Do you know how to pilot new techniques in a way that proves or disproves the fact that it’s worth the investment?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

With years of practitioner experience, proven templates and methodologies, we help marketing leaders exploit emerging digital and non-digital tactics and innovation to reach and engage new buyers while maintaining compliance with local regulations.


Results You Can Expect

More engaged and empowered buyers who have the information they need to make a purchase decision

Best practices on the newest, latest techniques and technologies in the demand marketing space

A better understanding of what techniques and technologies you should pilot, and how to measure whether they are the right fit for your organization

Guidance and justification to break out of doing the same old thing and innovate with new tactics

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