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Revenue Engine Optimization

SiriusDecisions helps demand marketing leaders create a distinctive process to measure and manage how well they are cultivating demand. It is the engine for them to identify, qualify, and manage demand by assessing the progress they are making and identifying areas in which they can improve.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We bring marketing and sales into alignment around the quality and quantity of opportunities
  • We help organizations take their revenue engine to a higher plane by incorporating structured measurement into their processes
  • We help marketing and sales leaders diagnose problems in performance and optimize their revenue engine processes
  • We help marketers measure impact and performance at the account and buying group level
  • We help companies clearly articulate the definition of a sales-ready lead
  • We help companies adapt global processes where needed to manage regional variations while still maintaining a consistent approach to lead management
  • We help companies dig beneath top level performance metrics to assess revenue engine performance at the regional and and sub-regional level to drive consistent growth

Key Issues

Do you have defined steps and strategies for measuring an opportunity as it moves through the buying process? Does this process vary by market?

Are you able to gauge how your demand management processes are working? Does the maturity of these processes vary by market?

Is your demand management process clearly defined and coherent? Are there variations by market?

Are marketing and sales aligned on their perspective of the quality and quantity of pipeline? Do these definitions vary based on the demand type of each market?

Do you worry about how others assess your performance? Are you concerned that sales would say you support one market more than another?

Success Stories


"Tight alignment between sales and marketing teams is critical to implement the Demand Unit Waterfall."

Mark Erwich, VP of Marketing

Read client story here

"The Demand Waterfall allowed us to get better visibility into the stages of the funnel; analyze its early, middle and late stages; and share the conversion rates so we could see where we were excelling and where there was room for improvement."

Patty Foley-Reid, Director of Solutions Marketing and Demand Generation

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We provide marketing leaders with the tools and methodologies to develop advanced demand management and measurement processes that will help increase lead contribution and clarify lead attribution globally and regionally.


Results You Can Expect

Methodologies and tools to help prioritize leads and opportunities

Guidance on critical metrics, how to implement them and how to derive management insights from their results

The ability to quantify marketing’s contribution to revenue

A structured approach to managing demand that improves performance

Clarified roles and responsibilities across the revenue engine

A data-driven, holistic view of all revenue streams

Methodologies and tools to help manage the both global and regional needs and performance.

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