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Demand Functional Design and Development

SiriusDecisions helps demand marketing leaders understand the scope and importance of every component of their function that contributes to achieving successful demand creation. Our approach takes into account the competencies of individuals, the way work flows through the organization, the various handoffs from one employee to another and the technological tools required.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • Our organizational design models and decision frameworks offer assessments to inform the organizational design process
  • Peer-to-peer investment data regarding functions and roles can be used to support the business case for required changes
  • Our benchmark data of similar organizations can identify gaps and potential areas for adjustment
  • Our organizational design models can be customized to reflect the specific needs of the client organization, globally and regionally
  • We offer examples of organizational charts with pros/cons
  • We provide an understanding of emerging roles and functions that should be reflected as a new organization is designed

Key Issues

Does your marketing organizational structure and operating model best fit your business needs, globally and regionally?

Is it challenging to gain clarity and buy-in on the right resource allocation and distribution?

Do you make organizational design decisions that are restricted by existing organizational charts?

Do you worry about designing a new organization that can’t scale?

Do you worry about friction across global, regional and local teams that can emerge from unclear operating models?

How can you ensure organizational design is approached in a holistic way by looking at structure, process and competencies/people required to support an organization’s business objectives?

Success Stories


PTC’s DXO team successfully implemented a more effective process for managing demand center requests, improving efficiency and providing greater visibility into program assets throughout the demand program lifecycle.

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"The Scope of Demand Creation Model helped us zero in on the areas where we can best support each region and build a process to deliver that support."

Cheryl Lange,Global Planning Manager

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We have the benchmark data, organizational design support tools and frameworks, and backbone of b-to-b expertise to create the right organizational structure and resource allocation for today – and anticipate changes needed for tomorrow.


Results You Can Expect

A cohesive and well-aligned marketing organization, globally and regionally

Improved efficiency, effectiveness and overall marketing performance

An organizational design that can scale, thus minimizing the waste inherent in frequent re-organizations

An organization with clear roles and responsibilities across its functions at all levels – global, regional, local

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