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How do I develop the right digital transformation strategy for my organization?

Digital transformation is the buzziest buzzword in B2B today. But do B2B organizations truly understand what digital transformation means? Managing and implementing a digital transformation is an enterprise-wide initiative that requires careful scoping, planning, funding and sponsorship. SiriusDecisions helps B2B leaders with what are sometimes lofty digital transformational ambitions. Many of these initiatives stagnate or under-deliver due to a lack of rigor in the approach and poor alignment across product, sales and marketing. Our research and data help organizations achieve optimal results when undertaking a digital transformation.

What Our Clients Say

“SiriusDecisions helped us understand that we should use business objectives to drive alignment, that not every technology will work as planned, and other learnings that we’ll use to drive our digital future”

Peter McRae, Director of Marketing Technology, TIBCO

Digital programs impacted about half of overall contribution and reduced cost per lead by 80 percent.

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Faster-growing organizations spend 30 percent more on mobile applications, 40 percent more on syndicated content and up to 10 percent more on virtual trade shows.<br /><br />&ndash;The SiriusDecisions Command Center®

Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

Customer Insights and Analytics

Demand Strategy and Modeling

Go-To-Market Strategy


Product Portfolio Investment Decisions

Key Issues

Issue One

Have you been tasked with leading a digital transformation in your organization? Do you feel equipped with the tools and insights to enable you to be successful in that role?

Issue Two

Is your organization challenged by multiple, redundant or overlapping digital transformation projects with disjointed goals and a lack of a cohesive strategy?

Issue Three

Are you trying to move to digital, but sales, marketing and product aren’t aligned on how to operationalize on this vision?

Issue Four

Is your organization looking at digital transformation as a refresh of the Web site instead of capitalizing on the promise of changing the business to drive growth through technology?

Issue Five

Are you using technology to disrupt the market, or do you find yourself in a reactionary position to competitive forces?

Desired Outcomes

Define the right strategies that will transform your business though the application of technology

Articulate the vision of the transformation internally to all stakeholders in a way that gains consensus and momentum for the change

Accurately assess your organization for the type of business change you hope to achieve with a digital transformation

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We Can Help

SiriusDecisions helps clients solve their business challenges through a retainer-based subscription to B2B research with access to benchmark data and experienced practitioners. In the context of this transformation, we suggest supplementing your subscription with onsite strategy sessions and workshops. We start with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness, then provide integrated consulting and workshops that accelerate adoption and transfer knowledge throughout your organization.