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Performance Measurement

SiriusDecisions helps emerging companies assess and interpret data, determine what to communicate and report on, and use insights to improve business performance.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide guidance on the KPIs and metrics that are most relevant for marketing dashboards.
  • We provide a structured approach to the strategy, execution and evolution of emerging company measurement.
  • We help emerging companies change the internal perception of their marketing function from cost center to revenue marketing function

Key Issues

Do you know what you should be measuring?

How do you show marketing’s contribution to the business?

How can you change the perception that marketing is only important at the top of funnel?

Success Stories

OneLogin successfully launched a new product to a new market segment with a disciplined approach comprising eight activities across its marketing, sales and product teams.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Their extensive work with marketing leaders at emerging companies gives our analysts the expertise to help small, nimble marketing teams identify the critical metrics they should track and translate the results into marketing’s impact on overall business performance.


Results You Can Expect

Defined results based on peer benchmark data

Quantifiable metrics that show how marketing is prepared to perform

Internal support and buy-in for the marketing leader’s plan, budget and activities

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