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Sales Process Design and Management

SiriusDecisions helps sales operations leaders create sales processes that differentiate them from the competition. Our independent perspective helps you sort through the many sales technology vendors so you can narrow down the choices to those that fit your particular business and end user needs. We help pair your sales process with tools and technologies that enable you to partner with internal functions, keep sales reps engaged, increase efficiencies and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help sales leaders evaluate and select investments in the technologies that best align to their organization's business needs and truly deliver technical capabilities that improve sales productivity
  • We help sales leaders understand the importance of process efficiency as a competitive differentiator
  • We demonstrate how process efficiency positively impacts buyer experience by improving ease of doing business
  • We explain how optimized processes helps retain high-performing sales reps
  • We show sales leaders how to interlock with relevant internal functions to fine-tune efficiencies

Key Issues

Is your sales process aligned with your buyer’s journey?

Is it difficult to get sales reps to adopt sales technology and tools?

Are you getting the full value from technology investments?

Are you familiar with the latest technologies and the ones that truly increase rep productivity and drive the highest return on investment?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Companies that leverage SiriusDecisions grow their revenue two to seven times faster than other organizations. We offer clients objective, fact-based advisory services backed by data that enables them to make better decisions and reduce time to execution so sales can beat its number.


Results You Can Expect

Reduced sales cycle times

Greater visibility into the pipeline

Improved quota and order accuracy

Improved reporting capabilities

Return on investment for technology

Improved customer experience and customer satisfaction

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