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Global Campaign Strategy and Execution

What makes a best-in-class campaign? How do I adopt, operationalize and optimize campaign best practices?

B-to-b marketing allocates program resources across numerous content assets and tactics, leading to perpetual treadmills of activity that generate diminishing returns. Silos of conflicting activity leave prospects, customers and sales reps confused about the organization’s offerings and brand identity. Integrated campaigns are beneficial, yet they represent a significant change for many organizations. SiriusDecisions helps b-to-b marketing leaders by providing a proven campaign framework that enables a marketing function to choreograph multi-touch campaigns – aligned to the buyer’s journey – to increase marketing productivity and campaign performance.

What Our Clients Say

“SiriusDecisions really took us through the journey of what a best-in-class marketing organization looks like and helped drive us in that direction.”

Former Vice President, Global Demand Center, FIS

FIS leveraged the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework to rebalance its marketing tactic mix, resulting in increased marketing contribution to sales pipeline and won business.

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Faster-growing organizations execute 11 percent more programs to new prospects annually, involving up to 14 percent more tactics.<br /><br />&ndash;The SiriusDecisions Command Center®

Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

Brand Experience

Demand Program Delivery Mechanisms

Demand Program Design, Planning and Execution

Go-To-Market Strategy

Marketing Planning and Budgeting

Marketing Strategy and Investment

Personas and Buyer Insights

We Can Help

SiriusDecisions helps clients solve their business challenges through a retainer-based subscription to b-to-b research with access to benchmark data and experienced practitioners. In the context of this transformation, we suggest supplementing your subscription with onsite strategy sessions and workshops. We start with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness, then provide integrated consulting and workshops that accelerate adoption and transfer knowledge throughout your organization.