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Managing Change in an On-Premises and Software-as-a-Service World

How do I effectively navigate gaps in the transition between non-recurring and recurring revenue models?

Both on-premises and software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue models provide opportunities for growth within B2B organizations with technology offerings. The optimal revenue model depends on a multitude of factors, the most critical being buyers’ preferences and needs. SiriusDecisions helps B2B leaders who are exploring a change in revenue model by helping them establish appropriate pricing and packaging, adjust their product development and launch process, train their salesforce, develop effective compensation strategies, manage their customer lifecycle and explore the impact on channel partners.

What Our Clients Say

“Working with SiriusDecisions’ best-in-class processes helped us gain the necessary confidence to develop and manage our SaaS pricing and packaging.”

Sal Patalano, Chief Revenue Officer, Lenovo

Lenovo leveraged SiriusDecisions models and frameworks to better understand how buyers purchase its new SaaS-based offering and how they value the product.

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Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

Customer Lifecycle and Retention

Channel Marketing Strategy and Planning

Channel Sales Strategy

Incentive Design and Management

Ongoing Learning and Development

Pricing and Packaging Strategy

Key Issues

Issue One

Do you know how to effectively develop and release products rapidly and regularly in a SaaS world without overwhelming our sales team or customers?

Issue Two

Are you struggling to get customers to onboard your new offerings and adopt new capabilities?

Issue Three

Is there a disconnect between product marketing and sales, and if so, how do you successfully navigate organizational fissures that occur with these types of shifts?

Issue Four

How must your partner ecosystem change, and how do you revise your partner marketing enablement for success?

Issue Five

Does your pricing strategy, packaging and compensation drive the right incentives for sellers? Do your customer engagement capabilities drive clients to renew?"

Desired Outcomes

Clear understanding in the buyer's mind of the differences in your organization’s new offerings with clear value propositions for on-premise and SaaS

Increase in lifetime value of your customers through understanding and operationalizing different onboarding, adoption and customer support routines between on-premises and SaaS, adoption and how they will utilize your offering

Expansion of offering mix or augment the SaaS platform to enable net new innovation based on new buyer needs

Managing Change in an On-Premises and Software-as-a-Service World