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Brand and Communications

SiriusDecisions provides marketing leaders with prescriptive advice, best-practice learnings, tools and decision support to confidently manage the entire brand lifecycle. We help clients make the right brand decisions, maximizing brand value, positive brand experience, global consistency and measurable impact on the business.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide prescriptive advice, best practice learnings, tools and decision support to help CMOs confidently develop effective brand strategies and manage the entire b2b brand lifecycle
  • We help CMOs implement a structured, repeatable approach to corporate messaging that is both authentic and audience-centric
  • We help CMOs leverage the right set of influencers and tactics to drive higher awareness, credibility and engagement through social media, public relations, analyst relations and executive communications
  • We help CMOs design brand governance and enablement strategies that ensure all employees know how to deliver a consistent, on-brand customer experience

Key Issues

How do you make a case for more brand and communications resources and brand investment through a connection to the revenue engine?

Are you able to show measurable results and business impact to justify investment in your brand and communications programs?

When is the right time for a brand refresh?

Was your corporate message developed by a third-party agency without in-depth knowledge of your business or customers?

Do you have a repeatable, step-by-step process for creating a truly distinctive corporate message?

Are you using the latest and most effective strategies to build a positive corporate reputation?

Are you enabling and engaging employees to be effective brand ambassadors?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Whether the objective is to build a stronger brand presence, connect with key influencers or drive higher levels of employee engagement, SiriusDecisions provides the structured approaches and practical advice that CMOs need to demonstrate measurable business impact.


Results You Can Expect

Greater brand awareness and credibility among target audiences

Ability to prove the value of brand and communications investments

Ability to reduce agency development costs by assuming more of the strategy and process and streamlining agency portfolios

Corporate messaging that is more authentic, relevant and increases confidence in your brand

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