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Campaign Strategy

A campaign is an initiative that seeks to move an audience with a set of needs through its buying and customer journeys. It leverages a deep understanding of the buying process, focuses on the execution of a set of balanced marketing programs tuned to how new and established customers buy, and drives engagement with customers so that sales, marketing and product work toward common goals. Campaigns are built on themes derived from audience needs that form a focused set of messages that resonate within many – if not all – of the markets they target. The ways these messages are delivered via content often need to be tailored to each audience and market.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We review CMOs’ campaign strategy and provide feedback and supporting data to strengthen their plan
  • We define the essential elements for a best-in-class marketing campaign
  • We give CMOs insights and models to build integrated campaigns that drive growth
  • We connect CMOs to a community of peers who have the same opportunities and challenges
  • As experienced marketing practitioners, we understand CMOs’ challenges firsthand

Key Issues

What is your strategy for designing integrated campaigns that addresses buyer needs?

How do you prioritize the buyer needs that you will target in your marketing campaigns?

Are your marketing campaigns resonating with your target buyers?

How do you align the marketing function around a campaign theme?

Success Stories


By confirming its current growth strategy pillars, assessing its readiness to execute, and strategically applying SiriusDecisions’ frameworks and templates, Alfresco created a foundation for ensuring sustained alignment beyond the planning process – all the way through execution.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Through their experience as marketing practitioners and their work with CMOs, our analysts understand the challenges marketing leaders are facing and have applied that hands-on knowledge to the development of the models and frameworks that set us apart. SiriusDecisions provides marketing leaders with a best-in-class approach for building integrated campaigns that contribute to organizational growth.


Results You Can Expect

Campaigns that resonate with target audiences

Campaigns that are aligned to corporate business objectives

Campaigns that address customer needs and distinct market segments

Improved marketing performance

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