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Communicating the Value of Marketing

SiriusDecisions helps marketing leaders improve the understanding of marketing’s contribution to organizational performance as well as its accountability through a more robust, well-defined set of metrics and KPIs. We provide CMOs with the tools, learnings and best practices to showcase their results, secure buy-in from others and ensure their professional longevity.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help clients clarify and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the business through:
    • guidance on developing metrics and KPIs, then evaluate their use
    • helping CMOs transform their teams to be more data-driven
    • moving beyond activity reporting to effectively communication marketing’s impact

Key Issues

Do you struggle to define marketing’s contribution and its accountability to the organization?

Are you looking to reposition marketing as a strategic growth engine and investment center?

Is your marketing organization currently perceived as a reactionary, sales support function?

How do you clarify marketing’s role and contribution across the organization?

How do we ensure marketing has appropriate KPIs and reporting?

How can marketing best deliver value?

How can CMOs get their teams more data driven?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Through their own marketing practitioner experience and their work with CMOs, our analysts understand the challenges marketing leaders are facing with proving marketing value to the organization, and have applied that hands-on knowledge to the development of the models and frameworks that set us apart. We have best practice metrics and dashboards that have been shared by successful CMO clients, and in-depth performance and operational data to support leaders in this area. We are the only true B2B advisory service for marketing leaders, ensuring our data, benchmarks and research to support our clients’ marketing contribution and accountability goals.


Results You Can Expect

Longer job longevity for CMOs

Internal support and buy-in for CMO’s plan, activities

Transformed perceptions of marketing’s role

A CMO Dashboard that holistically communicates Marketing’s value to relevant stakeholders

An aligned/ best-practice approach to reporting connecting executive and functional dashboards

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