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Content Strategy

SiriusDecisions provides clients with the insights, best practices and resources they need to drive role clarity and cross-functional alignment across teams that touch the end-to-end content lifecycle, formalize a best-in-class content center of excellence, and fill critical content strategy, content marketing and content operations gaps within their marketing organizations.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We use our best-in-class research and frameworks to teach clients the strategy, people, process and technology best practices of a high-performing B2B content engine
  • We teach clients scalable, repeatable methodologies for embedding audience-centric content strategy best practices into content marketing, campaigns and sales enablement
  • We help clients prioritize audiences and understand the content they need throughout their buyer and customer journeys
  • We help clients address key gaps across content strategy, content creation and content operations that affect content performance, measurement and maturity
  • We show how successful clients have activated content strategies to improve marketing and business results

Key Issues

Do you have the right organizational design, skills, strategies, processes and systems in place to effectively support sales and marketing content needs?

Do you have content quality, findability, efficiency, waste or measurement issues?

Do you have cross-functional agreement on who your audiences are and the content they need?

Do you know how to map content planning to audiences and buyer's journey stages?

How do you build multiple strategic business objectives, offerings and audiences into an integrated content strategy?

Do you need help balancing insourcing/outsourcing between your in-house content services team and external agencies?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions is a leader in content strategy, content marketing and content operations. We bring the expertise, models and benchmark data that B2B companies need to intelligently and prescriptively transform their content ecosystems from constant challenges into competitive differentiators. By working with our analysts and leveraging our research, clients can more effectively manage and measure content process and performance, and meet the multi-audience, multichannel and multilingual needs of their sales and marketing teams.


Results You Can Expect

Better content performance for awareness, demand generation, sales enablement and the overall customer experience

Increased quality and relevance of content for internal and external audiences

Improved cross-functional alignment and agreement about content objectives

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