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Revenue Engine Alignment

The b-to-b revenue engine represents all the capabilities and functions that influence or source revenue, including marketing, direct sales, channel partners, and any other prospecting and outreach functions. By shifting business processes, tech stack and data strategy to focus on the buying group or demand unit — and ensuring uniform marketing, sales and customer success collaboration, planning and measurement — organizations can accelerate the performance of their revenue engine.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help clients articulate their aligned marketing and sales goals and how to achieve them
  • We bring marketing and sales into alignment around the quality and quantity of opportunities
  • We help organizations take their revenue engine to a higher plane by incorporating structured measurement into their processes
  • We help clients align their marketing and sales technologies, processes and data structures in a consistent way to accelerate achievement of revenue goals

Key Issues

Do you have the ability to pinpoint breakdowns in the demand management process?

Do you know where opportunities are dropping or stalling so you can take corrective action?

Do you have a mutually agreed-upon definition of your target audience and buying groups among sales and marketing?

Are your marketing and sales functions working together to attain agreed-upon business objectives?

Are your marketing and sales technologies integrated and data structures unified to allow for seamless process flows?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions provides clients with proven diagnostic capabilities and tools to align sales and marketing functions and locate gaps in their organization’s demand and opportunity management processes. We provide expert advice and unique best practices to identify opportunities for improving demand generation, pipeline velocity and conversion rates.


Results You Can Expect

Agreed-upon expectations from all demand sources across direct sales, marketing, channel partners and customer success

Enhanced trust among marketing, sales and customer success so that everyone knows what's expected of them and agrees on what a good opportunity looks like

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, metrics and handoffs from target market identification to close

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