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Identifying and Sizing Buyer Audiences

SiriusDecisions helps portfolio marketers establish a strategy for identifying target audiences — from market segments to buyer personas — that aligns marketing, sales, product and other functions involved in the go-to-market process. This strategy may be used for a single product or service, a solution set, a product line, a portfolio, a business unit or the entire organization. The goal is to clearly delineate target audiences so that product, marketing and sales efforts are well coordinated to drive higher growth.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We have competitive analysis research and tools to help clients assess their competitive landscape to make more strategic business decisions
  • We provide our clients with guidance on evaluating market segments for growth
  • We provide benchmarking data to help our clients justify the need for proper audience sizing exercises
  • We help our clients be the strategic voice within their organization

Key Issues

Are you responsible for growing your organization’s portfolio of offerings but unsure of where that growth should come from?

Do you have the insights you need to identify new buyer audiences?

What are the right segments for growth, and how can opportunities be identified?

Are you missing out on unknown market opportunities and buyer segments?

Are your competitors reaching new audiences that you haven’t tapped into yet?

Does your team have the skills required to identify and size new market and buyer segments?

Success Stories


"With buyer insights and organizational smarts, we help marketing build effective programs and arm sales with the tools and knowledge required to convert leads into opportunities and closed business."

Former Manager of Product Marketing

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions is unique in that our research, guidance and tools are designed to work across the entire revenue engine of product, marketing and sales. We help clients take an audience-centric approach, giving them an essential edge over competitors. As the only true B2B advisory service for portfolio marketing leaders, we ensure our data, benchmarks and research are aligned to clients' strategy and transformation goals.


Results You Can Expect

Access to new buying centers

Validation for new target audiences

A competitive advantage over your peers

Realistic expectations and growth objectives

Achieved growth targets

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