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Sales Knowledge Transfer

SiriusDecisions empowers portfolio marketers to rethink their relationship with sales and deliver enablement programs that allow reps to spend less time on non-selling activities and more time driving revenue. Our proprietary Buyer-Centric Sales Presentation Framework gives b-to-b organizations the right components and knowledge to close deals 40 percent faster and shorten sales cycles by up to three months.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • Help clients rethink the sales organization
  • Use best practices to model what works best and create a sales roadmap
  • Help reorient thinking about the buyer’s process vs. the sales process
  • Help portfolio marketing understand the sales force and be more persona-based
  • Make sales content and programs more efficient
  • Narrow the sales cycle to create faster deals

Key Issues

Getting sales onboard to support the product

Best practices for enabling sales forces

Lack of a standardized approach to sales enablement

Sales productivity falling short of the mark

How do you gain reputation for adding value to sales organization?

Success Stories

Pegasystems achieved better alignment around a common set of customers, gained a deeper understanding of customer, consistency of language and a common way to speak to buyers.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We help portfolio managers fill the gaps between suppliers and buyers. We bring a data-driven approach and process to help prove the positioning.


Results You Can Expect

Faster deals by narrowing the sales cycle

Higher productivity

Buy-in from the sales force on content and programs

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