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Product-Centric to Audience-Centric Transformation

How do I move our GTM strategy and execution from being product-centric to audience-centric?

Although it may seem natural to market new offerings depending on their features and functionality, B2B leaders must build the go-to-market strategy around target buyers’ needs. Everything from content, campaigns, program tactics, sales training and enablement must be created with the end-user’s needs and buying preferences in mind. SiriusDecisions helps B2B leaders fuel product development based on audience needs and operationalize an effective audience-centric strategy with cutting-edge research and recommendations.

What Our Clients Say

“We needed to gain better visibility into our investments and performance, and with the help of SiriusDecisions, we were able to assess our current state and improve.”

Mike Blood, Sr. Strategic Consultant for Marketing Planning & Accountability

Dell gained more accurate insight into marketing investment, and thus a better understanding of relative ROI.

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Faster-growing organizations are 90 percent more likely to have at least 70 percent of their content mapped to a buyer audience.<br /><br />&ndash;The SiriusDecisions Command Center®

Let Our Research and Advice Guide You

Identifying and focusing on the right priorities is vital to the success of this type of transformation. These areas of focus are the building blocks of successful implementation. Here are our recommended initial priorities for this transformation:

ABM Strategy, Goals and Alignment

Go-To-Market Strategy

Program Design and Activation

Sales Processes and Infrastructure


Key Issues

Issue One

Do you have an end-to-end content factory that builds content that is used by buyers and sellers?

Issue Two

Is your organization’s growth stalled because you cannot connect with accounts and buyers in your traditional client base?

Issue Three

Do your content originators have the skills to capture, synthesize and develop audience-centric content vs. product sale sheets?

Issue Four

Is there a systematic way of knowing who your buyer is and what they care about, and to share those insights in a scalable manner across the organization?

Issue Five

Are your sellers equipped with messaging that resonates with their audience or are they solely selling features and functionality?

Desired Outcomes

Campaigns and messaging that resonates with buyers

Incremental growth driven by expansion to new buyer audiences or market segments

A shift in culture and mindset to higher focus on the customer and their needs

Product-Centric to Audience-Centric Transformation

We Can Help

SiriusDecisions helps clients solve their business challenges through a retainer-based subscription to B2B research with access to benchmark data and experienced practitioners. In the context of this transformation, we suggest supplementing your subscription with onsite strategy sessions and workshops. We start with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness, then provide integrated consulting and workshops that accelerate adoption and transfer knowledge throughout your organization.