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Agile Enablement

SiriusDecisions helps product management leaders and their teams perform to the best of their abilities in an agile product development environment, balancing product management fundamentals with agile principles. We give product managers research, resources and guidance to leverage agile for faster and better product delivery.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help product management teams understand how to operate in an agile environment
  • We help organizations transitioning to agile understand the implications for product management, marketing and sales
  • We help clarify roles and responsibilities in an agile process
  • We help rationalize agile product development and product management processes with broader business processes
  • We offer support and guidance to product management leaders trying to staff and structure their teams for agile

Key Issues

Are you struggling with the shift to agile?

Is the shift to agile causing confusion or conflict between product management and product development?

Is there a war in your organization between those who favor agile and those who favor traditional approaches?

Is there confusion around whether product managers should also play the role of product owner?

Is the move to agile product development causing confusion/frustration for your marketing and sales teams?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We ensure that you’re leveraging the investment you’ve made in agile as a development process. We blend agile fundamentals with product management needs to help product managers see the bigger picture. We provide guidance on agile product management that is backed by research, resources, best practices and best-in-class capabilities.


Results You Can Expect

Improved efficiency of product managers working in agile

Improved confidence of product managers

Less animosity between product management and product development

Ability to more effectively leverage the benefits of agile

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