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Customer Needs Discovery

SiriusDecisions provides product management leaders with a framework for identifying current and future customer and market needs to better uncover profitable market opportunities. We provide clients with in-depth advice on how to better understand their customers to give them a decisive competitive edge.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We give companies a consistent approach to truly understanding customers
  • We provide guidance on techniques and sources for gathering customer feedback
  • We provide guidance on how to conduct different types of customer research
  • We create a framework for assessing results and funneling insights into product strategy
  • We provide best practices on gathering unmet customer needs

Key Issues

Is your product team more inclined to react to sales requests than to innovate?

Do your product managers spend enough time with customers to know what they want?

Are your products keeping pace with changing customer demands?

Are you caught off guard by smaller players disrupting the market by serving customers in new ways?

Is there a mismatch between the products you provide and how customers want to use them?

Success Stories

"SiriusDecisions has provided a clarity of focus for our teams, allowing us to be more customer focused in all our efforts."

Christophe Djaouani, SVP and Managing Director

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We’re with you each step of the way, providing clear guidance. We give you in-depth advice on how to implement research techniques. We ensure that this competency resides within your company, giving you an edge over your competitors. We support you at a deeper level, reinforcing your product management team.


Results You Can Expect

Products well positioned to help you meet your growth goals

A better understanding of customer and market needs

The ability for your function to be the first to identify and address impending customer needs

More effective use of product managers’ time

Products that stand out and enable you to get a competitive edge

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