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Product Innovation and Lifecycle Process

SiriusDecisions helps product management leaders implement a strategic approach to innovating and managing products throughout their lifecycle. Our unique framework ensures the alignment across revenue-generating functions that is crucial to product success. We work with clients to apply industry best practices, helping tailor the process and deliverables as needed. We help upskill and enable product managers to successfully model a consistent approach.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We have a best-in-class approach to product lifecycle guidance
  • Our templates save companies time and keep them on track
  • We assess a company’s lifecycle, how it’s performing, where it needs to improve and how it compares to other companies
  • We are your safety net; we make sure you’re not missing steps or making mistakes
  • We help companies optimize their products throughout the lifecycle for higher revenue and longer profitability

Key Issues

Are you too focused on a short- vs. long-term product vision?

Does your product management need to be more strategic?

Is your enterprise lacking a consistent product lifecycle management approach?

How do you make sure that products that your organization launches into the market are successful?

Are your in-market products getting the support they need, or do you just launch and walk away?

Have you launched products that have not succeeded in the market?

Are you releasing products that aren’t “ready for prime time”?

Success Stories


"We were looking for an approach that was repeatable and sustainable, and that’s when we looked to the SiriusDecisions® PMM Model."

Amy Tupler, Senior New Product Introduction Manager

Read client story here

Global Knowledge focused on establishing a consistent process for making smart portfolio decisions.

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The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We ensure that all functions related to product innovation and go- to- market strategy to march in lockstep. We offer a unique, best-in-class framework to support all of the revenue-generating functions around the product lifecycle, helping product management leaders guide their teams and providing a proven success model for the organization. We evolve our model based on what we learn from clients who have implemented it, new insights and emerging best practices.


Results You Can Expect

Get sales, marketing and product on the same page

Boost the odds for product success at a lower risk

Improve a product’s chances for commercial success

Get products to market more quickly

Clearly define roles and responsibilities

Clearly define what product managers should be doing and the role of product management across the organization

Greater consistency across the organization resulting in improved efficiency and greater adherence to processes

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