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Product Management Roles, Responsibilities and Structure

SiriusDecisions helps product management leaders model the desired attributes of a product management function and then provide the tools, resources and data to help them realize this objective. We help cultivate more productive, successful product managers who are able to better drive business growth.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We define the key attributes of a world-class product management organization
  • We give product management leaders and product managers the tools, capabilities and guidance to get there
  • We have the data and resources to improve skills in this area
  • We offer guidance on where product management fits in the organization and how to best structure a product management function
  • We create a path for success for the product management leader
  • We bring best practices, deep research and industry-leading data

Key Issues

Do you need to develop or improve your product management organization?

Does the role of product management lack clarity in your company?

Is your product management organization structured appropriately for your business strategy?

Do your product managers have the skills, knowledge and competencies to succeed?

How well is product management aligned with marketing and sales?

Success Stories


"SiriusDecisions has provided a clarity of focus for our teams, allowing us to be more customer focused in all our efforts."

Christophe Djaouani, SVP and Managing Director

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"I recommend having product marketing and product management roles and hiring the right people for both. The first step in doing that is to work with SiriusDecisions, which has really excellent job descriptions that detail the roles and responsibilities of both, the types of profiles to look for, and what their compensation should be."

Dominic Tavassoli, VP of Product Marketing and Product Management

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The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We are the only firm that can back up its support for product management leaders through research, resources, best practices and best-in-class capabilities.


Results You Can Expect

A more mature, capable product management organization

Better alignment of product management with product development, marketing and sales

A better product management function that can more effectively adapt and execute

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