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Product Manager Upskilling

A product manager leads the development of a new offering and manages it throughout its lifecycle, coordinating other functions’ contributions and taking responsibility for commercial success or failure. Product management requires competencies that encompass individual performance as well as cross-functional leadership.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We have identified the skills and competencies that product managers need to be successful
  • We help our clients assess the current state of their function's product management competencies to identify gaps to address
  • We provide research on the best practices that product managers should follow and step-by-step actions to help them put those recommendations into practice
  • We offer ongoing guidance, reinforcement and support to help product managers realize their full potential and create world-class products
  • We offer online, on-demand, and in person upskilling to help product managers learn key SiriusDecisions product management models and frameworks with hands-on applications to help them reach their goals

Key Issues

Do the product managers on your team have the competencies they need to successfully manage products throughout their lifecycle?

Do the product managers on your team have credibility within the organization and are they seen as experts in customers and the market?

Are product managers provided with upskilling and guidance on an ongoing basis to ensure they are able to perform at a high level?

Are there members of your team with limited product management experience who could benefit from additional guidance and support?

Does everyone on your team feel they have the appropriate level of learning and development opportunities to support their professional growth?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

At SiriusDecisions we provide practical and proven frameworks and advice to help determine the gaps in your team's competencies and the best way to improve their skills. Our unique approach to upskilling is not bound by a "once-and-done" rigid approach to training. We offer ongoing, continued support to ensure your team evolves to l innovate, develop and manage world-class products, structured in an approach that fits your timeline and needs. Our analysts will tailor and adapt our recommendations to to your organization to ensure that the advice we offer make sense for your unique situation.


Results You Can Expect

Improved performance of your product managers

Improved alignment and consistency across the organization

More successful products

Elevated perception internally of the product management function

Improved employee morale and less turnover of product managers

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