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Ongoing Learning and Development

We help organizations assess the current state of their ongoing learning against competency maps and adult learning models to discover gaps in effectiveness and completeness. We provide frameworks and data to help prioritize and justify the application of resources to fill these gaps. To support this effort, we help sort through the hype so you can choose from among the many available learning technology and sales methodology providers to understand what is possible and what is practical for your individual organization. The result is the delivery of optimal learning capabilities that ultimately bring improvement in revenue contribution.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We give customers benchmark-based insight into what reps need for ongoing development
  • We provide simplified frameworks to help assess gaps and instill and reinforce learning
  • We assess current programs to identify gaps and opportunities for more effective learning
  • We give guidance on effective types of sales methodologies based on a variety of organizational and offering attributes
  • We help navigate the technology and vendor landscape to map capabilities to organizational needs

Key Issues

How do you motivate reps to improve competencies needed for their roles?

How do you deliver learning and knowledge in context with reps’ daily activities?

How do you capture the attention of the sales force with compelling learning to drive retention of knowledge, skills and process over time?

How do you identify high-potential reps and help them develop skills to bring them to the next level?

How do you migrate to a coaching culture where good coaching is consistent and impactful?

How do you train reps without pulling them from active selling for extended periods of time?

How do you deliver on initiative-based training such as product launches and not lose focus on ongoing skills development at the individual level?

Success Stories

"Our Sales Messaging program has helped sales professionals successfully engage with higher-level audiences and discover new opportunities to highlight how we solve customers’ business problems."

David Somers, Director, Global Sales Enablement and Development Programs

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We don’t sell rep or sales manager training and therefore we are not bound by a specific sales methodology or approach. Instead we provide practical and proven frameworks and advice to help you make sense of what to train, how to train it, how to demonstrate impact and how to get sales reps and managers to ultimately own what is learned.


Results You Can Expect

Improved engagement in and retention of learning

Differentiation as a sales employer of choice who invests in its people

Sales managers who coach consistently and well, which ultimately can result in improved rep performance and lower levels of turnover

Reps armed with the capabilities required to succeed in a changing market

A rationalized technology stack which supports a sales-specific learning and coaching environment

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