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Sales Communications and Rep Advocacy

SiriusDecisions helps sales enablement leaders establish a process for keeping sales teams informed, engaged and productive while encouraging their feedback. Effective communication with feedback from salespeople fosters the active involvement of high-performing sales personnel and informs initiatives to drive improvements across the company. This sense of personal investment improves rep retention and drives innovation at a faster rate.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide decision support on effective approaches to rationalizing sales communications
  • We provide access to benchmark data to help you understand how similar organizations are addressing these challenges and what good looks like
  • We provide process guidance and frameworks to inform communication governance and delivery
  • We define field advocacy approaches, tactics and processes to promote actionable outcomes

Key Issues

How do you keep reps informed without overwhelming them with information and calls to action?

What is the best approach to consolidating communications and ensuring governance and compliance?

How do you cultivate the voice of the field and leverage sales feedback in a systematic and meaningful way?

Success Stories


"We are excited about the results to date, as it is one step closer to helping us move our sales enablement maturity to the next level."

Glen Millard, Director of Business Development Operations and Enablement

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"We used the SiriusDecisions Sales Onboarding Execution Framework to understand what sales professionals need to be able to do at the end of the 90 days for the organization to consider it a success."

David Somers, Director, Global Sales Enablement and Development Programs

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The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Effective communication is always a two-way street. We help sales enablement leaders not only build a data backed case for communication centralization and governance but also establish mechanisms to instill the voice of the sales field as an on-going source of insight and innovation.


Results You Can Expect

A more effective information flow to maximize awareness and minimize non-selling time, improving productivity and compliance

Better response to call to action directives

A process for gathering feedback which informs change initiatives and ultimately makes the company easier to do business for and with

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