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Sales Enablement Roles, Responsibilities and Structure

SiriusDecisions helps sales enablement leaders clarify their roles and responsibilities within the organization, identify the competencies they need to succeed in their role, and link their efforts to the overall success of the sales function. Our unique model outlines the roles and responsibilities of the sales enablement function and helps executives prioritize and collaborate on key efforts. Our overall approach and functional models are informed by hundreds of practitioners in the sales enablement space, which allows us to formulate best practices based on extensive, in-depth research.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help codify the tasks and responsibilities of sales enablement leaders using our dedicated model
  • We understand the responsibilities sales enablement leaders must master to succeed in their roles
  • We help sales enablement leaders prioritize what their function owns vs. what they must procure from other functions
  • We help sales enablement leaders prioritize their efforts and build business cases to enable better collaboration

Key Issues

How can you define the sales enablement role?

How can you improve sales productivity by bridging the various roles and responsibilities within the sales organization?

How can sales enablement show its value?

How do you juggle the various responsibilities and agendas of the sales and marketing teams to create alignment and ensure buy-in?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We offer companies a concise, best-in-class model backed by extensive, time-tested research to help sales enablement leaders perfect their functional roles, defining and reinforcing their integral value within the enterprise and to the sales organization.


Results You Can Expect

A clearly defined role for sales enablement within the broader organization

A function that is better positioned to drive sales productivity

A clearly defined purpose for the function and a sense of its contributions

Better capabilities for measuring the function’s role in closing deals and contributing to quota, as well as a sharper functional focus

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