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Sales Onboarding

SiriusDecisions helps sales enablement leaders take their onboarding programs to the next level.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide processes by which to define, design, develop and deploy effective competency-based onboarding programs
  • We provide a framework and guidelines for instilling learning and reinforcement, and promoting retention
  • We review onboarding materials, provide feedback and identify gaps
  • We provide benchmark data and insight into what similar companies do and what high performers expect in onboarding programs
  • We help navigate the technology landscape that can improve onboarding results when thoughtfully executed

Key Issues

How do you balance speed to productivity with speed to competence for new hires?

What blend of training delivery options is optimal?

Does your organization have an established learning cadence for new staff members to learn, practice and certify all the skills required by their job roles?

Does your learning cadence include active learning practices that enable reps to apply what they learn?

Do you differentiate competencies hired vs. competencies to be developed during onboarding vs. competencies to be developed post-onboarding?

Do you ensure that sales managers have their own separate onboarding process?

Success Stories

ADI’s success with a sales process based on the buyer’s journey is a compelling example of how buyer insights can support sales productivity improvements and form the basis of other transformation efforts.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We help organizations create and execute highly effective and efficient onboarding programs that are consistent, scalable, repeatable and measurable. We do this through with step-by-step guidance for development and execution that is sales methodology agnostic and built on the foundation of proven knowledge retention learning cadences.


Results You Can Expect

An onboarding program that improves new hires’ time to competency

More consistent attainment of productivity indicators

Lower early turnover among new hires

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