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Talent Acquisition Support

SiriusDecisions helps sales enablement leaders realize sales talent acquisition goals through the partnership of sales, HR and marketing. Our sales processes support efforts to balance time to hire while maximizing the quality of the candidates hired.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help you understand how to define, target, nurture, qualify and hire high performers who have the competencies you need
  • We help fine-tune your hiring profile to map to the competency needs of your sales roles and territories
  • We define processes to help companies build and manage a talent pipeline
  • We help you use insights gained in the hiring process to optimize the onboarding experience of individual reps
  • We provide insights into optimal techniques for interviewing and qualifying candidates
  • We provide insight into effectively interlocking with the recruiting organization

Key Issues

How do you attract high-performing sales reps?

How do you differentiate your organization in order to attract candidates who have the option to choose from thousands of sales openings?

How can sales enablement most effectively interlock with HR and sales leadership to define hiring profiles and execute effective recruiting?

How do you sell the importance and appeal of sales to Millennials?

How can sales enablement leaders help managers consistently and efficiently identify the best candidates?

How can sales enablement satisfy the rising demand for faster sales onboarding while maintaining quality training?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We demonstrate the benefits of blending sales, marketing and HR to realize hiring goals. We apply demand creation techniques to the recruiting process to deliver a flow of desirable candidates. Our recruiting process enables faster, more effective hiring, and our techniques enable hiring managers to more effectively interview and qualify candidates.


Results You Can Expect

Creation of an integrated sales talent recruitment pipeline

Improved hiring effectiveness

Consistent hiring through the use of competency-based scorecards

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