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Sales Execution

SiriusDecisions helps chief sales officers build out an integrated sales planning process that enlists cross-functional collaboration with marketing, product and other areas of the company. We help foster an all-for-one client culture, where functions are aligned, to improve the chance for sales to hit its number.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help you understand the key systems and processes that make up a healthy sales machine and give you the data to back it up
  • We give you a roadmap for building an effective buyer-driven sales process
  • We have the expertise and resources to design a buyer-driven sales process for clients who lack resources or face tight deadlines
  • We help you choose the right sales methodology so your sellers can carefully qualify and execute winning plans
  • We provide a proven approach to territory and account planning, along with templates to help you develop those plans
  • We help you implement a consistent management cadence to ensure that sales managers are executing value-added deal inspections and coaching effectively
  • We help you develop plan and implement processes that ensure customer growth and retention

Key Issues

Can you clearly articulate your sales machine's key underlying systems and processes and provide supporting data to prove they are working?

Is your sales process out of synch with the buyer's journey (i.e. how buyers want to buy)?

Do your sellers lack a consistent approach to qualifying an opportunity and identifying buying roles and key decision drivers?

Do your sellers build effective territory or account plans that prioritize opportunities and outline execution strategies?

Do your sales managers lack a consistent approach to inspecting deals and coaching reps to improve outcomes?

Do your sellers and sales managers have a tough time making accurate forecasts on a consistent basis?

Are you leveraging data to assess the effectiveness of your processes?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Companies that leverage SiriusDecisions grow their revenue two to seven times faster than other organizations. We have developed best-in-class sales processes—including opportunity management, sales management and account planning processes—that enable sales teams to execute flawlessly.


Results You Can Expect

Faster revenue growth

Improved win rates

Accelerated sales cycles

More accurate forecasting

Increased rep quota attainment

Increased cross-selling into existing customers


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