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Sales Productivity

SiriusDecisions helps chief sales officers improve the productivity of their sales teams by providing them with peer comparison data to help identify their current state and insight that guides them to pull the right productivity levers to accelerate growth.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We give you a model that categorizes productivity elements, helping you narrow your focus on the most important productivity inputs that lead to results
  • We show you how to diagnose your current state of productivity by comparing your sales organization with a peer set
  • We help you prioritize productivity initiatives so you can focus on pulling the levers that will have the biggest impact on results
  • We help you focus on leading indicators of performance, enabling you to make changes to impact future performance before it is too late
  • We leverage The SiriusDecisions Sales Productivity Quotient to provide data insight as part of a comprehensive revenue growth assessment conducted by the consulting arm of our organization

Key Issues

What is the right way to measure your sales team’s productivity and diagnose your team’s current productivity state?

Do you have data to support how your productivity inputs will lead to top performance for your team?

Do you have a way to prioritize which levers you should pull to improve productivity and revenue results?

Do you know which critical leading indicators you should focus on to ensure that your team is on track to hit quota?

Success Stories

"Two things SiriusDecisions brought to the project ⎼ one was dedicated focus, and the second was benchmarking; being able to measure what success looks like was key."

Patrick Hodges, Senior Vice President of Global Sales
Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Companies that leverage SiriusDecisions grow their revenue two to seven times faster than other organizations. The SiriusDecisions Sales Productivity Quotient is unique in that it enables sales leaders to assess the current state of their sales organization against the key productivity inputs that lead to results, diagnose the productivity issues that are impeding results and prioritize the productivity initiatives they should undertake to accelerate revenue growth. The model uses the most comprehensive data set available and enables sales leader to compare the productivity of their organizations against a peer set of companies based on industry, revenue size, growth rate and average selling price.


Results You Can Expect

Faster revenue growth due to focusing on the productivity initiatives that have biggest impact on results

Accelerated time to execution resulting from improved C-suite buy-in on productivity initiatives backed by solid data

The ability to set more accurate expectations based on insight into leading indicators

Confidence in knowing which levers to pull to achieve success

Ready answers to questions posed by the C-suite and board of directors about your plan to improve productivity and accelerate growth

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