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Talent Management

SiriusDecisions helps chief sales officers hire, onboard, grow and retain top sales talent so that they can make their numbers.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help sales leaders identify the key competencies needed by top performing sellers and sales managers
  • We help sales leaders implement a hiring process that consistently attracts and identifies high-performing sellers and sales managers
  • We offer a proven process for accelerating the time it takes to ramp up new hires to full productivity
  • We help sales leaders develop a consistent approach to bringing out the best in their sellers
  • We enable sales leaders to establish leadership development programs to develop their high-performing sellers and managers
  • We can build a training curriculum pathway based on the results of our competency assessments

Key Issues

Do you have a well-thought-out hiring profile that clearly outlines the kind of seller who can succeed in your organization?

Are you struggling to consistently identify and attract A players you can count on to exceed quota on a consistent basis?

Do you have a comprehensive onboarding program that quickly ramps up new hires to full productivity?

Do you have a comprehensive plan to retain and develop your best people, and is your sales management team executing to that plan?

How effective is your management team at identifying future leaders and developing those leaders?

Do you have a comprehensive leadership development program that develops sellers and sales managers?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

Companies that leverage SiriusDecisions grow their revenue two to seven times faster than other companies. We provide proven models and best practices to attract, hire, onboard, retain and grow top performers. All of our models are backed by a rich set of benchmark data that helps sales leaders assess their current situation and track their progress toward desired outcomes.


Results You Can Expect

Faster revenue growth

Increased productivity per rep

Higher percentage of reps above quota

Lower turnover rates

Accelerated time to productivity for new hires

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