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Sales Productivity Analysis

SiriusDecisions defines sales productivity as the intersection of efficiency and effectiveness. Use the findings from the Relative Productivity Framework to direct marketing and sales resources to improve both.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We provide a structured approach to analyzing sales productivity, identifying areas that need improvement and prioritizing initiatives
  • We help you to triage your resources so salespeople focus primarily on core-selling activities
  • Our Project Prioritization Matrix provides a consistent method for comparing the value and viability of potential projects
  • We help determine your organization’s Sales Productivity Quotient; based on our proven model, it determines the sales organization’s level of efficiency and effectiveness
  • SiriusDecisions analysts provide as-needed advisory support, bolstering your ability to turn plans into actions
  • We provide feedback on everything from investment data to process maps and dashboards
  • We provide benchmark peer data and research-backed best practices to strengthen your ability to create strategic plans

Key Issues

How do you ensure that sales operations stays focused on its No. 1 priority – improving sales productivity?

How do you measure sales productivity?

Can you gauge the current state of the sales function, isolate problems, implement solutions and measure progress?

Are you able to analyze sales data and use it to inform strategic planning?

Do you have a common set of metrics for measuring sales productivity?

Do you have a plan for driving growth?

Do you have a roadmap for maturing sales operations? Does it include plans for identifying and addressing roadblocks (e.g. lack of competencies, poorly defined accountabilities)? How do you measure progress?

Success Stories

ADI’s success with a sales process based on the buyer’s journey is a compelling example of how buyer insights can support sales productivity improvements and form the basis of other transformation efforts.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We combine extensive experience with hard data to help sales operations leaders identify and address sales productivity roadblocks and monitor long-term progress. SiriusDecisions benchmark data allows sales operations leaders to gain valuable insight into their peers. Our analysts give sales operations leaders continuous practical guidance on implementing research based models and frameworks, and when sales teams are failing to hit their numbers, we provide support and practical advice improving results.


Results You Can Expect

Increased sales productivity

Benchmark data to help identify top areas of focus aligned to productivity gaps

Sales compensation plans that align to corporate goals

A list of initiatives that are prioritized based on their productivity value to the sales organization

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